Posted on Dec 31, 2020

florida opioid drug charges reversedFlorida’s legislative changes in its harsh opioid laws culminated in an unexpected collaboration between the Broward County State Attorney’s office and the Innocence Project of Florida. After the 2014 legislative changes to Florida’s opioid law, the State Attorney’s office and Innocence Project reviewed the cases of over 20 individuals convicted of opioid trafficking who were serving outdated mandatory minimum sentences. These 20 individuals charged with opioid trafficking under the old law were resentenced which ultimately led to their early release.

A Matter of Fundamental Fairness for Florida Opioid Drug Sentences

Broward chief assistant state attorney Jeff Marcus stated that a review of these sentences was a “matter of fundamental fairness.” Some of the inmates released were first-time offenders, like Cynthia Powell, who has been given a second chance. Policy directors believe that a legislative fix is still needed, such as making the 2014 legislative changes retroactive so that other inmates can be released from prison as well.

Post-Conviction Relief for Drug Charges in Florida

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