Unique Approach to Federal Criminal Defense

Florida Federal criminal attorney Robert Malove provides effective Federal Criminal Defense Representation, Plea Negotiations, Sentencing Strategies, International Criminal Defense & Extradition representation, Health Care Fraud by Physicians & Providers; Money Laundering; Fraud(s) and Grand Jury.

Attorney Malove, provides aggressive and tenacious federal criminal defense representation driven by scholarly expertise, practice-based litigation strategies and authoritative court submissions.  The firm holistically assesses each client’s legal needs, establishing short and long-term litigation goals and case management strategies, i.e., theory of the case, defenses, and mitigation.

In appropriate cases, the law firm— with superior Guideline proficiency— negotiates plea agreements, or stipulated pleas.

Our Fort Lauderdale criminal law firm crafts particularized and innovative sentencing strategies combining the benefits of the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 with individualized post-Booker sentencing considerations.

The firm is dedicated to ensuring justice and due process consistent with the highest ethical traditions of the legal profession. Our goal is to enhance the liberty interest of our clients and to promote the fair administration of justice.