The US Sentencing Commission reports that 93.6% of federal criminal cases usually result in the accused pleading guilty.

Additionally, 75.6% of federal criminal defendants are found guilty when the case goes to trial. This is a terrifying thought for you and for your family. These are tough odds and to maximize your chances to beat the charges, you need an experienced and skilled attorney who cares about what you are feeling, who knows the system and someone who will support you. Having this kind of person in your corner provides you with strength.

Robert Malove is on the cutting edge of the developments taking place in the area of federal sentencing law.

In 2005, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the mandatory provision of the United States Sentencing Guidelines was unconstitutional and held the guidelines “advisory” – to be an equal among other factors sentencing courts must consider. Since that time, there have been several Supreme Court decisions have invited criminal defense lawyers to fashion persuasive legal arguments calling for truly individualized sentencing.

The art of sentencing advocacy is a required skill of all criminal defense attorneys but is especially crucial in federal cases. The firm stays informed of changes in sentencing procedures, stays innovative in its post-Booker sentencing strategies and is actively aware of judicial and legislative developments. While it is essential to confront criminal charges head-on, it is of no less vital importance to be mindful of developing a possible sentencing strategy throughout the duration of each case.

The firm aims to provide the most effective and result-producing sentencing advocacy through exhaustive research, the filing of academically superior briefs, motions, and the vigorous pursuit of successful negotiations with the power of full engagement. We take our client’s freedom seriously and litigate passionately to achieve the lowest possible sanction.

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