Fort Lauderdale violation of probation

Violation of probation in Florida is very easy and probation officers are quick to submit a warrant to the court for offenders.​ Learn about what violation of probation circumstances are by reading our case results below. We tell our clients’ stories so that you can learn more about the process and potential outcomes of these kinds of cases

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Client Tests Positive for Intoxicants While on Probation - Robert Malove Gets Warrant Dismissed

Case ID: 21-000520MU10A         Date: May 10, 2021

Our client was violated by his probation officer for testing positive for THC and for EtG (an alcohol metabolite) in violation of his probation condition of no alcohol or intoxicants while on probation. The client contacted The Law Office of Robert Malove who immediately began working on his case. The Law Office of Robert Malove was able to demonstrate to the State Attorney and to the Judge that the EtG came from a source other than an alcoholic beverage and the THC was remenants from before he was placed on probation. The Judge and State agreed and the warrant was dismissed!