by | last updated on January 18, 2016
What happens when your’re on vacation or on a business trip to Florida and you have an unexpected encounter with the police?

What should you do?

Where do you turn?

Who should you call?

You need to help from an experienced criminal defense attorney in the area where the trial will take place. Watch this video to learn more.

When people go on vacation, they sometimes have a run-in with the law. Because Fort Lauderdale is a tourist destination, we often help defend people from out of town who have been charged with a DUI, drug crimes, or other criminal offenses. If you were accused of a crime while you were passing through, please call an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney for representation.

With the advances of technology, it is just as easy to represent people based in a different geographical location. To find out how a Broward County defense attorney at the Law Offices of Robert David Malove can help you, even if you live in another part of the country or state, call us today for a complimentary case consultation at 888-744-8225.