by | last updated on September 16, 2017

Five of the eleven defendants associated with Healthcare Plus were sentenced to time behind bars after getting busted for Medicare fraud. The defendants had Medicare beneficiaries who were living in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic enroll for Medicare healthcare services, collecting over $25 million in Medicare reimbursements.

The accused found more than 1,000 American expatriates to enroll for Medicare, by convincing them that Medicare healthcare benefits could be lawfully obtained in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The defendants then submitted Medicare enrollment requests and completed the enrollment applications, falsely claiming that these people lived in Florida.

Healthcare Plus former chief operating officer, Pedro Hernandez, was one of the six employees charged. The others include Edgardo Rodriguez, who was sentenced 3 ½ years in prison, and Freddy Zeron, who is facing sentencing in August. Erendira V. Delgado was also sentenced 3 ½ years for directing the operation in the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Santiago B Montoya, owner of Integrated Health Services, contracted his business with Healthcare Plus and was listed as the primary care physician for some of the beneficiaries. Montoya and Jose Eloy Sanchez, a former physician whose license was revoked 17 years ago, flew these expatriates to Miami to perform evaluations for Medicare. Montoya is scheduled to be sentenced on August 27, while Sanchez has yet to be arrested and is believed to be in Nicaragua.

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